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Allowing your flexible mind ….

Allowing your flexible mind ….

Looking out of my study office this week I have been watching the Silver Birch tree in the garden blow gracefully in the wind.  When the wind in gentle its leaves flutter back and forth, when it’s strong the whole trunk sways forwards and backwards.  Its flexible nature allows it to do this and not to snap in two during the buffeting blows.

Flexibility is something that has been coming up in my life a lot over the past few weeks.   Trying to juggle work, kids and other commitments (because of course I can’t say no!) means often things don’t fit into the perceived ideal world of neat segregated boxes.  In the past I would have found it incredibly overwhelming – judging myself on not doing enough, not doing it correctly, letting people down etc..

Yet now, looking at the tree I know that flexibility is what helps me wade my way through life, facing things as they arise and accepting that things may be different from how I perceive they ‘should’ be.

Reasons to encourage your mind to be flexible

Our mind aims to protect us and as a result gets scared when it faces new things.  In this situation (and others) it reverts to what it knows and the beliefs that have been ingrained over time as a reference point. It can become fixed when scared; protective and only seeing its known point of view.

Thinking back to the tree; when it is strong and inflexible it doesn’t move in the wind.  Yet, as the pressure of the wind grows a weak spot eventually appears and something gives.

With us, when we are fixed in our minds we don’t move and see the other options or hear any other ways of thinking or doing.  Our fixed mind blocks us from being creative and finding the best solution – the one thing we are all brilliant at doing when we allow our mind to be open.  We fight to remain fixed in our way; draining ourselves of energy until eventually something has to give….

Creating a flexible mind

By allowing ourselves to look at what is making our mind fixed we can start to understand what our mind is protecting us from.  Perhaps we have had a bad experience in the past?  Or maybe a limiting belief or a cultural is being triggered.  It could simply be we are exhausted and our mind cannot cope with anything else.

Giving ourselves the space to look at this is the first step.  This could be by taking a walk in nature (focusing on what you see around you), having a cup of tea and staring out of the window observing the world as it passes you by, reading a good book, colouring in or doodling.  Basically keeping your mind focused on something else to allow your intuition space to come and speak to you.

Once we have moved our rigid mind to a place of calm them we can;

  • Create the space we need to allow our minds to the see fears and the meaning we have given to the situation.
  • Or, we can simply allow our calm flexible inner self to present alternative solutions and options which suit us better.

Whichever way we choose, by encouraging our mind to be flexible, we allow ourselves to find solutions that work for us and help ourselves accept us as we are.

If you do one thing this week then take some time to calm your mind and notice is there anything you are being inflexible on.

Have a wonderful week of allowing your flexible mind….

Lyn x

p.s. If you’d like some support on creating a flexible mind please email me to see how I can help you at


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