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Hello, I’m an Earthling! Project

(Formerly ‘Live your life – be you’ project, updated December 2014)

Poppy, Troinex, SwitzerlandOn New Year’s Day 2013 I woke up thinking about a book I had self-published in 2010 following a coaching challenge.  I had always wanted to do something more with the idea, but had never done so.  Now I figured someone was telling me this was the time to follow through!

So, I decided to undertake a project; to write a book to raise money for women who wish to make changes to their lives, but are unable to afford the cost of the courses which will help them achieve this.  Helping them build the skills they need and providing them with the support which will allow them make the changes they want to make.

The profits from the book will be split between a Women’s Charity and funding self-development and other key courses for women who want to make changes in their lives, but cannot afford to.

This book will be a collection of stories of everyday women who have a story which will inspire other women.  It may be the story relates to following their dream, overcoming challenges, doing something out of love or putting their hands in faith (see attachment with the details on the categories).

In addition to raising money to help other women, I hope the stories in the book will inspire others to make a changes they want to make, to follow their dreams, or simply to feel good about what they have done in their own lives.

In doing my initial research to identify women to approach I found I had to dig deeper than I expected.  It wasn’t that there are not incredibly inspiring women out there it’s just they are overshadowed by men and by women of different nationalities.  Yet through this research I found incredible stories, and boy was I inspired; there is no end to the talent, guts, determination and resourcefulness of the women in this country.

All too often we do not move forward or follow our dreams – overwhelm, fears and doubts creep in.  We may not have people around us to support us making changes, encouraging us on and cheering for us.  At times sticking your neck above the parapet exposes you to others doubts and fears as well, which also holds us back as they remind us of our own doubts.

Yet, we are all incredibly creative and resourceful, we have many unique strengths and passions; it is these skills we want to draw on and help each other utilize in creating the life we desire, not just for ourselves but for our families, communities and the world as a whole.

In the words of Marianne Williamson ‘‘who am I to brilliant, gorgeous, talented and famous?’ Actually who are you not to be?’  We are all brilliant, gorgeous and talented.  Let’s draw on that and create a wonderful life!

It has taken until late 2014 to really move this project forwards and I plan for the book to be published next year.

If you would like to share your story or you know someone who has an inspiring story please take a look at the docments attached and contact me on

There will also be a website sharing stories, inspiring quotes and photographs in the future.

In the meantime, live your life – be you!

Lyn x

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