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July, 2013

Hello, I’m Lyn.  

Who I am and how did I get here? – well, I’m a daughter, life coach, mother, photographer, partner, writer, sister, student, friend, accountant, reader, volunteer, to name just some of my personas;  the many parts who make me Lyn.

I always took the expectations of my roles very seriously, trying hard to ensure I met those expectations. Yet, by the time I had my second child and was juggling all my personas, I had reached overwhelm.

I could no longer relate to who I was and didn’t particularly like the stressed, snappy, exhausted person I’d become.  I was trying hard to be ‘perfect’ in all my key roles (you can have it all right?) and in my own eyes I was failing miserably.  The guilt and sense of failure was constantly there.

The opportunity to move to Switzerland, with my family, gave me the space and chance to consider what I really wanted and who I really was.  It gave me the chance to explore and grow, to face my fears, to try new things, and most of all to enjoy and appreciate my life again.

I explored my creativity, I trained to be a life coach, I studied creativity and how we learn, I volunteered, I ran a half marathon, and I spent quality time with my familGF11y.

Over the 5 years I learnt so much about myself and realised that the rules I had governed my life by – the ‘you must do it correctly’, ‘you have to work hard to get anywhere’, ‘you should always help people’, ‘failure is bad’, ‘everyone judges you’ – were not helping me at all.  I needed a new set of rules to support me; to help me achieve what I wanted in my life and to live my best life.

Five years on I have returned to the UK and I do enjoy and appreciate my life.  I am still on the life long journey of self-discovery and growth.  I am still working on achieving what I want in life. I am exploring new hobbies and working on creating the business I desire, as well as spending quality time with my family.

I am now happy with where I am at, as I have accepted life is a journey not a destination.

I hope that you can find tips and tools in the pages of this website to help you on your journey :-)

Remember, live your life – be you!

Lyn x


Lyn holds a BS(hons) Business Studies, is an Associate of Certified Management Accountants and a Certified Professional Life Coach.

Specific thanks to;

Banner – Stephen Rice

Photos – Natalie Wienand

The coach who got me to share my message! Tabitha Jayne