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If you ask most people in western society if they have enough time in their life the answer would be no.   We all believe that if only we had a few more hours we could do so much more.  Is that true, could we really do so much more? Possibly.  What we do know though is that we can make more of the time we have and feel calm, happy and fulfilled at the same time.


In this section I have included some articles I have written where you can learn some tips and tools about our relationship with time and how to accomplish more in your day, yet stay calm.


–          Do you always feel like you are fighting time, like there is never enough time and you are just so stressed?  If you want to learn 7 ways to create more time in your life then read this.


–          Do you sometimes feel like you rush around and loose your connection with what is going on around you?  Read this to learn how to slow down and still feel on top of things.


–          Do you wish you could come up with great ideas when you want to?  By giving yourself some space and thinking time your dreams could come trueRead this to find out how. 


–          Are you a multi-tasker or do you focus on one thing at a time.  Read this article to learn how to combine both and your intuition to work more effectively


–          Is your life full of everyone else’s priorities or is it full of yours?  Do you feel you are leaving out key people in your life or missing important events because you have no time.  Then read this lesson a Science teacher gave to his class on what we should fill our life with and also learn some tips on how to create more time for the important things in life