Helping busy mums achieve more through maximising their unique strengths, mind and body.

In western society many of us have lost all contact with our body and mind.  Yes we feed our body and our mind, yet we do not listen to them; we take them for granted and wonder why they give up on us.  Obesity and depression are higher than they have ever been.  Yet, if we learned how to look after our bodies and minds then perhaps we could make some positive changes in our lives.  In this section I have written some articles to help you reconnect with your body and mind and to learn how, by understanding them, they can support you!


–          How often do you stop to consider what is making you feel tense/sick/giving you a head ache or why your shoulders are tense?  When you are busy running around thinking about the cause of these things is the last thing on your mind.  Yet listening to our body can help us understand so much more about ourselves.  To find out how read here

–          Would you like to see the world in a more vivid way?  Do you find yourself not fully appreciating an experience?  If you want to learn more about reengaging your senses and being able to engage with the world in a different way then read here