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Do you ever wish you could make some changes in your life?  Perhaps do some things for yourself without feeling guilty, feel more human at the end of the day or even just work out what you do want to do? Would you like to learn some tips that would help you make the changes you want easier, or learn how to be happy with the way things are?  In this section I have written some articles which will help you navigate the minefield of creating the life you want and support you in feeling fulfilled and happy as a result.


–          Do the demands of others on your life ever leave you feeling that you are living everyone else’s life but not yours?  If you want to learn how to connect to what will increase your own level of happiness then read this


–          We all have fears which rear their ugly heads and stop us in our tracks.  The question then is can you work through them or do you let them stop you?  To learn some strategies on how to work through these fears then read this article. 


–          Do you find that you put other peoples priorities before your own?  That the hour you had planned to spend relaxing, and doing whatever you wanted to do, has been hi-jacked by your kids/partner/friend/work who just need you to do something?  To remind yourself of the instructions airlines give out, to put of your own oxygen mask first, i.e. be kind to yourself then read here.


–          What does having it all mean to you? Often in society it is deemed to reflect material success.  Yet when we take a closer look at what it means to us this isn’t always the case.  Take a further look at what having it all can be and read this article. 


–          Do you find yourself running around at home, busy trying to do all the chores while the kids watch TV/play Wii etc.?  Do you spend as much time as you want truly connecting to your family and friends?  Read here to discover 2 simple tips that will help you gain that connectivity you desire.