Helping busy mums achieve more through maximising their unique strengths, mind and body.

Do you feel you should be doing something else or doing more, but don’t know what or how?
– Do you find that your numerous roles conflict?
– Do you want to do other things but believe you can’t do them or don’t have the time?

Would you love for someone to support you in creating the life if you desire by looking into how your roles and beliefs are impacting your life?

After 6 years of training, reading, listening and exploring I now work with those who want to make changes to their lives.  Helping them remove the limitations from their lives – the beliefs, worries and conflicts of roles that hold them back –  so they can find time to do what they want, so they have enough energy to keep then going, and so they feel fulfilled and at peace with the choices they have made in their lives. 

If you would be interested in learning more email me on to arrange a free exploration session where you can discover what coaching is and how it can support you.  Also, keep reading to learn more about some specific programmes I run in addition to 1-1 coaching as you require it.


1 Month challenge

4 45 minute sessions during which we look at 1 change you wish to make, work through this and identify how you can use you own strengths, skills and experiences to support you on the way.


Slow Down, Achieve More and feel more fulfilled

A 12 week programme with hourly coaching sessions every 2 weeks.
Email support is provided and 15 minute laser sessions, if required, in between sessions.

In this programme you learn about time, investigate your relationship with time and explore how you can do more of what you want to do.  You discover ways to create more energy, how you work best and how to change your mindset and thoughts.


Create the life you desire

A 6 month programme with hourly coaching sessions every 2 weeks.

Email support is provided and 15 minute laser sessions, if required, in between sessions.

In this programme you learn about understanding what you want in your life and what is stopping you create this in your life.  You will learn how what is most important to you, what is creating stress in your life and which beliefs are limiting you.  You will learn and use tools along the way which can continue to support you in your life as you go on your life journey.

If you are curious about how this could work for you, please contact me at

I look forward to speaking to you!

Lyn x



‘Lyn has this amazing ability to challenge you and make you commit to the action. She is so polite and not pushy, she does it in a very influential way. She has built a very strong client-coach relationship and gained huge trust from me.
My very first life coach that made a huge impact on my self-confidence during the coaching time.’ G.G. Saudi Arabia,

‘I’ve been blessed to have Lyn as a life coach during a large creative transformation in my life. Lyns powerful intuition and creative mind asked the powerful questions and helped create a strong accountable space to explore and take action on forward movement with my art. She took that movement and supported me in creating actions and momentum that kept expanding and growing as our time went on. Lyn put me first and allowed me to explore whatever surfaced as important to me. Can’t thank you enough, you changed my life more then you’ll ever know!’ S.R. USA